Conference Eligibility


CallbackWomen’s scope in intentionally limited. Each Call for Proposals (CFP) must meet all of these criteria:

Professonial coders speaking to professional coders about topics relevant to professional programming. Not academia conferences, founders conferences, conferences for tech executives, etc. Yes to conferences that meet this criterion yet also cultivate/welcome participation of coders who aren’t yet professionals. For example, people who are aspiring, studying, or apprenticing.

Conference. Not hackathon, meetup, networking group, etc.

In person. Not online.

Filling at least some speaking slots via public, open, competitive, CFP process. It is rare for an unconference to meet this criterion.

CFP slots are for content of substantial length. Not lightning talks, ignite talks, etc. Whereas giving tutorials/trainings/workshops definitely are content of substantial length.

Conference publicly schedules & announces those speakers at least two months in advance. It’s important that speakers have lead time to both promote and prepare quality content. This includes having unrushed lead time for arranging logistics such as travel, childcare, and being away from job.

Registration is free for speakers. Free ticket to all related days of the conference, for at least one person presenting the session. So, for example, a tutorial presenter gets free ticket to at least all of the conference’s days of tutorial sessions; whereas a session talk presenter gets free ticket to least all of the conference’s days of session talks. Conference may be eligible if it publicly advertises an option for any and all speakers to get the registration fee waived upon request.


CallbackWomen promotes CFPs for more than 1100 conferences per year. At this time it is not possible to pre-screen all CFPs for eligiblity. So occasionally an ineligible one is promoted by accident. When you notice a mistake, do ping @callbackwomen on Twitter. Thanks!